Founder of Princess Parties Toronto, Veronika became a princess at 17 years old in 2000. She quickly discovered it was the greatest job in the world, and never wants to retire her tiara. Having hosted over 4000 princess parties, she currently holds the world record for most princess parties ever attended! So she can guarantee fun at every event

Veronika’s performance background includes drama studies at Mayfield Secondary, theatre at York University, and Ryerson’s School Radio & Television Arts. She worked for 2 years at Kids CBC, as an event planner and programmer. In 2004, she won both Miss Brampton and Miss Canada Royalty. During the week she is a producer at CTV News/BellMedia.

She believes every child deserves a great birthday, regardless of budget. She is happy to trade her princess services for BTZ currency on www.bunz.com



Victoria is an actor, singer, writer and producer living in Toronto. She has been entertaining children as various princess characters since 2011.
Victoria has also travelled across Ontario with various children’s entertainment companies, performing in schools and teaching acting to kids between the ages of 6 and 14.
She has a side business caring for cats and dogs and is the Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Brick and Mortar Toronto.
Victoria believes wholeheartedly in imagination and storytelling and its power to change the world!



Holly is a RCM Classically trained singer and performer, who has a passion for being a princess and making wishes come true. She has been entertaining for over twenty years now for audiences of all ages. During the week, Holly runs a small online marketing company in Toronto.

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Christina has had a lot of experience with kids at various summer camps. She also worked with non-profit group C3 Toronto for 3 years. She loves to sing, act and entertain. She is a ball of energy and the kids absolutely adore her!

Obviously Princess Parties Toronto is not an affiliate of Disney.  All of our characters are generic and inspired from modern, traditional fairy tales and other stories.  We understand that Disney and other characters are intellectual property of their individual companies and we in no way seek to infringe upon those rights.  We are just super fans who are professional cosplayers, it’s an homage